On why continuing with Christmas tradition is essential  

It’s amazing to think how quick time flies. I think that it was just yesterday that we were observing Christmas and today, a good part of the year is over. I’m regularly reminded at how age is catching up and I hate it every time I look at the additional wrinkles discovered on my face. But that’s part of the natural ageing process than none of us can get away from, well until you decide to meddle with nature and do such things as cosmetic surgery. I actually love to make myself look as youthful as Martha Stewart even when I am old but I guess I have to fork out my whole savings to do that.

If there is one part of the year where I enjoy the most, it’ll be Christmas. The sweet memories that I had back in youth time stays with me even until today and I can’t forget how one gets to appreciate such gay delights as gingerbread cookies and candy cane sweets just during Christmas. Until today, such memories stay clear in my own head and I consistently told myself that the sort of sweet tradition is something that has be inherited.

Present offering is one custom that always makes Christmas so fun. Those people who are not close to me regularly label me as cheapskate when they understand that I don’t shop any time other than Christmas. But that is just half the picture as I really pile up all my savings and splurge during the holiday shopping season. I understand not everyone will be competent to do this as temptation is something which comes by regularly and difficult to resist.

Putting up pleasant vacation ornamentation is one family tradition that has existed in my own family ever since my grandpa’s time. Only to place things in appropriate context, I come from a large family where my grandparents had 6 kids. Now that all of them are married, half of them are blessed with 3 kids while another half are blessed with 4 children. What makes our holiday decoration tradition enjoyment is that every year, we’ll decide among our houses to function as site for our family’s Christmas gathering. 2 or 3 weeks before our party, all the kids and whoever can make it, will assemble and work collectively to put up the decoration. From this alone, I ‘ve tons of affectionate memories which are etched in my head and will continue me for life.

Looking whatsoever the Christmas fads today, the shift from conventional to electronic cards is something that concerns me the most. I remember that previously, all the kids in the home would be looking for the postmen who regularly dressed themselves as Santa Claus. We might put all the cards together and once there are enough of them, we would put it up and that by itself, is among the best part of our holiday ornamentation. You’ll be able to probably see the reason why I ’m a bit concerned with the shift towards electronic cards. E-card may be suitable and cheap, but the feeling is somehow lost to me.

Most of us generally just begin thinking about Christmas some time in December and that is because we are just too use up with our lives. I think it is necessary to keep the Christmas tradition alive which is the best time of the year to bring families together and hammer closer ties. If good memory of Christmas is something that is absent in your lifetime, maybe it’s time to take an instant of pause in your lifetime and think about it seriously. There’s so much that can be done during the festive season but nothing will occur if you don’t dedicate the attempts.


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